Kujawy - Sydney
30.01.2018   Older Group begins dancing
03.02.2018   Younger Groups begin dancing
10.02.2018    Valentine's Day Zabawa
27.02.2018    Deposits and final signups for PolArt are due on this day
11.03.2018    AGM Meeting
22.03.2018   Wrapping Baranki for Palm Sunday
25.03.2018   Palm Sunday Cake Stalls
15.04.2018   Mushroom Picking Picnic
05.05.2018   3 May at Ashfield
12.05.2018   Mother's Day Zabawa
03.06.2018   Boze Cialo Marayong
28.07.2018   Marek and Wiesia back for practices
01.09.2018   Father's Day Zabawa
16.09.2018   Eurofest
10.11.2018   Federacja
02.12.2018   Polish Festival
08.12.2018   End of Year Zabawa
18.12.2018   Last practise for PolArt
26.12.2018   Arrive in Brisbane for PolArt
27.12.2018   PolArt begins
06.01.2019   PolArt finishes

Dates are subject to change if necessary and additional dates will be added as further functions and concerts are known.